Samhain Spooky trail at EPIC

Follow our resident ghouls on a family-friendly trail through EPIC, The Irish Emigration Museum , encountering spooky tales from spectres of Ireland past and present. Leading you deeper and deeper into the heart of CHQ’s dark underground vaults, you never know what you might discover along the way! 

Included as part of your EPIC entry ticket. 

Family Writing Workshop

The Irish are well-known for their love of storytelling. Do you have a scary story or family fable that’s been handed down through the years? Or are you good at using your imagination to come up with an original tale of terror? Embrace your inner Seanchaí (storyteller) in this ghost writing workshop for ages 8 – 14 year olds.  Facilitated by EPIC and the Irish Family History Centre, we’ll first evoke the storytellers of old by sharing some spooky tales aloud, before taking inspiration from the myths and legends of Halloween to create our own illustrated storybooks to take home. 

Tickets are €5 per storybook, however family members are welcome to join in the fun at no extra cost. If you want to make more books, please purchase more tickets.

Suitable for 8-14

EPIC Education room

Time: 1-2pm 

Free book here

Monster, Myths and Merrows Workshop

As the ghouls and goblins make themselves known this Halloween, Dublin based “Horror Expo Presents” — in conjunction with Samhain at EPIC — is delighted to be giving writing workshops which will explore Irish monsters, myths and merrows. 

The Monsters, Myths and Merrow Writing Workshop will focus on the use of creative play and performance as a means of enabling children to create their own stories. 

Free but pre-registering is essential, some walk up spaces will be available on the day.

Registration open soon.

Suitable for ages 7+

EPIC Education room 3-4pm 

Crown Making Workshop

Ever wondered what it would be like to dress as King or Queen of the Sióga? Well now is your chance! Joining us on the day will be Irish milliner Laura Whelan from L. Designs. Using traditional and sustainable materials, Laura will be showing us how to create the perfect Royal headdress piece for all your sióga beaga.  Crown Making Workshop will focus on creative play and participation while exploring Irish tradition and folklore. 

Free but pre-registering is essential, some walk up spaces will be available on the day.

Suitable for ages 6+

Annie Moore room 4-5pm 

Free book here

Wreath Making Workshop

Celebrate the season of Samhain by adoring your door in age old fashion by creating a unique wreath made out of traditional materials. 

Participants are welcome to bring their own materials on the day to add that special magic to their handmade wreath. 

The wreath making Workshop will focus on creative play and participation while exploring traditional Irish crafts.

Free but pre-registering is essential, some walk up spaces will be available on the day.

Suitable for ages 8+

Annie Moore Room


Free book here 

Spell Casting 

Join our resident good witch Cailleach who will tell you about the power of Ireland’s natural world and using magical spells and mantras help bring magic and positivity to you for a magical Samhain/Halloween. The spell casting session will promote positive mental health through magical affirmations.

Free but pre-registering is essential, some walk up spaces will be available on the day.

Suitable for ages 6+

EPIC Vaults 12.30pm, 1.30pm, 2.30pm and 3.30pm

Free book here

Samhain Stage 

Story telling, traditional Halloween games and hijinks, best-dressed competition and a whole host of characters from the banshee, the Morrigán, some naughty fairies and the pooka.


CHQ Galleria 12-5pm

Seanchai Eddie Lenihan 

Samhain at EPIC is delighted to welcome Irish author, storyteller, lecturer and broadcaster Eddie Lenihan for a very specially curated Samhain story session.  One of the few practising seanchaí (traditional Irish lore-keepers and tale-spinners) remaining in Ireland, he has been called "one of the greatest of Irish story-tellers."  Central to Eddie's research is the fairies; the Good People. Haunted places, fairy paths, holy wells: Eddie's researches into them all is ongoing. In fact, whatever involves walking the landscape, talking to old people, hopefully glimpsing the Otherworld, interests him. This is reflected in his books ´Meeting the Other Crowd´, an anthology of testimonies from believers in the fairy faith. 

Irish fairy stories, naturally, form a prominent part of his huge repertoire, but there are historical tales, too, stories of notable persons (women especially, including the banshee), devil stories, accounts of saints (St. Patrick prominent among them, naturally), of monsters, ogres, giants, ghosts and much, much more. It is this love of mixing with, listening to older generations (which he still keeps to this very day) that underpins everything he does, and after 42 years of collecting, he now possesses probably the largest tape-library in private hands in Ireland - a unique resource of irreplaceable material that would otherwise have been lost. He is a collector and preservationist of folk tales, recording stories told by older people as passed to them in oral tradition, and then distributing them to a wider audience via print, audio and filmed recordings. In his role as a cultural preservationist he maintains the largest private collection of folklore in Ireland. Samhain at EPIC is delighted to host Eddie for a traditional Irish Seanchaí session. Specially curated for children his tales of spooky an strange happenings caused by the “the other folk” and fairies are sure to enthral and delight audiences young and old. 

Suitable for ages 6+ 

Free Event

Samhain Stage, CHQ Galleria Times TBC

Spooky Samhain Puppets

Want to do something fun and creative with your children? How about discovering how Samhain was celebrated in Ireland. Come and investigate with puppeteer Carmel Balfe from Little Gem Puppets. Watch a special shadow show and make some spooky shadow puppets to tell your own Samhain story.

Suitable for ages 5+, Spooky Samhain Puppet Workshop are aimed at developing a good skills base whilst having fun and passing on a love of puppetry.

Samhain Stage Galleria 12.30pm

Free book here

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